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King Relocation places a few companies in India to shift household goods. We offer you packing and moving at a very safe and low cost. We have a very good team to shift you from one place to another without any tension, which is capable of damaging your luggage .

We also teach you how to pack your small luggage. If you have a bike or a motorcycle with your house, then you also pack and send it.

We are experts to shift your car from car carrier to any corner of India along with your garbage goods. We have our own carriers to move the car.

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Local Packers and Movers
Local or enter city Packers and Movers Service

We provide local packers and movers as you like home, office and shop transport ( packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking ) service in Gurugram. We provide local transport rate or cost .

Few Goods to 3 BHK-Moving Rate
3.2K - 12.5 K
Door to Door
Door-to-Door Transportation Service

We provide a all goods door to door moving and packing service. We have a great team for relocation or transport service, We carry all types of vehicles in our fleet which are able to carry your home or office goods from door to door.

One Box to 3 BHK-Moving Rate
1.3K - 32.5 K
Car Carrier Service
Car Carrier Services

We are able to deliver your car from corner of India.If you want a fast and affordable car carrier service, we are the best car carrier service you can trust. With a vast experience, we have an easy and fast systematic process to make things easy on your part by King Relocation Company.

Small to Big Car Rate
9.0K - 19.5K
To-Wheeler Transport Services
To-Wheeler Transport Services

We do not disappoint you with the services of moving bikes and scooters. King Relocation Company has a systematic process of handling things to complete easy transport to any motor bike. Rest assured, the bike or scooter will arrive at the right time.

Near to Long Distence Moving Rate
3.5K - 7.5K
Corporate Packers and Movers
Corporate Packers and Movers

With the excellent process of carrying your goods, we assure you have no problems in transporting these in any location . We handle the job in the right way possible. Are you having trouble in packing your office tools and equipment? Do not be worried because we are here to help you with the packing and moving process.

Few Goods to Office Room Moving Rate
3.5K - 17.5 K
Residential Furniture Shifting Services
Residential Furniture Shifting Services

Are you having trouble in packing your office tools and equipment? Do not be worried because we are here to help you with the packing and moving process. King Relocation Company Packers and Movers Service in Gurgaon could do the job right. We make sure those heavy furniture are safe and secured in our hands.

Few Goods to 3 BHK-Moving Rate
4.2K - 17.5K
Storage Facilities
Warehouse Or Storage Facilities

If you are in search for safe and secure facilities to store your things, King Relocation Company have warehouse storage facilities to offer you the security of the items you have.

Few Goods to 3 BHK-Warehouse Cost
1/MonthK - 10.5/MonthK
Long Distance Packers and Movers
Long Distance Packers and Movers

If you are in need of long distance packing and moving, we make sure to give you our best efforts at all times. There is no hassle and worry free.

Few Goods to 3 BHK-Moving Charges
4.2K - 42.5 K
Plant Relocation
Plant Relocation Services

If you have plants that need to be transported, we make sure to handle the job in the best possible time. Your lovable pets would be transported safe and secure with the help our caring team. You can also be assured of a low cost service.

Few Plant Goods - Moving Rate
2.2K - 5.5K
Industrial Relocation
Industrial Packers and Movers

When it comes to industrial work, we do the best we can to ensure all your indus1trial packing and moving needs are handled with ease and convenience.

Few Goods to Industrial unit -Moving Rate
5.2K - 20++K
AC Storage
Climate Controlled Storage Services

Your goods and other belongings require the best climate controlled service to protect these against extreme heat and wind. We provide top of rate facilities and tools to make sure you have the best moving process to guarantee each belongings is free from damage during a strong climate condition.

Few Goods to 3 BHK-A/C Storage Rate
2.2/MonthK - 22.5/MonthK

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